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About Us

TEXONE FOUNDRY EQUIPMENTS , The Products from reknowned, leading and experienced people in the field of metal industry, These products are specially designed to improve your production capacity.
TEXONE FOUDNRY EQUIPMENTS are easy in operation, increase your production, gives accuracy and reduces your foundry rejection, the production are efficient, economical and easy to maintain.
TEXONE FOUNDRY EQUIPMENTS , manufacturing from carefully selected material and tested by experienced technicians. These products are able to give you the long lasting services, as you expect from really good quality foundry equipments.“When you depend on TEXONE then you depend on someone dependable....!”

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Our Products


Cast Iron Jackets ( CI Jackets)

TEXONE Jacket is made form graded C.I. Casting & is very accurately machined & assembled carefully. The jacket is necessary to protect the mould

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Drum Type Sand Sievers

TEXONE Sand Sievers are available in Portable (Vibrating) & Rotary (Drum Type) models. It has the geared motor & the maximum output as expected.

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Screw Conveyors

Pedestal Grinders

TEXONE Grinders are one of the top brands in the market. It comes with all safety features and with also has the dust collection system.

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